A dynamic class centered around the classical movements of the sun salutations. Anchor your mind on your breath and use the physical postures to find strength and or create space where you need it. Sequences are inspired by the Ashtanga method. Modifications are provided to support the level of the student and the teacher provides hands-on assistance. Fundamentals, all levels, and experienced levels classes are offered. Our Vinyasa 60' class is simply adapted to fit into 60 minutes.

Mysore Style Ashtanga

The traditional way of learning Ashtanga Yoga as developed by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India and taught by his students all over the world. Self-led practice in a group setting with one-to-one attention and guidance from the teacher, allowing you to learn at a pace suitable to you and your abilities. Both beginners and experienced practitioners are welcome. This is intended as a daily practice with one day of rest. Moon days are observed, mysore practice is cancelled on these days.

Introduction to mysore

This Introduction to Mysore course is intended for students interested in learning the traditional method of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. The  course is designed for the absolute beginner, yogis transitioning from other styles and led classes, and more experienced practitioners looking to rebuild their practice after time away or recovery from an injury. Instruction will be given during the on-going evening Mysore classes to which you are being introduced. For more information click here.

Ashtanga Led
(Half Primary)

A led Ashtanga class guiding you through the fundamental postures, primary series up to navasana (Half Primary only), and closing. Classes are taught using a mix of English and traditional vinyasa counting in Sanskrit. More time is allowed for transitioning in and out of postures. There is more explanation and attention to alignment, bhandas, and breath especially in the Fundamentals class, perfect for those interested in beginning mysore practice. The teacher provides hands-on adjustments.

Ashtanga Led
(Full Primary Counted)

Full primary series with traditional vinyasa count in Sanskrit. Students move and breath together in synchrony. Instruction is kept to a minimum for a steady, focused practice without distraction; hands-on adjustments are given by the teacher. This practice is intended for daily/semi-daily mysore students and those familiar with the Ashtanga method, however students who follow Half Primary class and wish to gain familiarity with the traditional vinyasa count and sequence of the full Primary sequence are encouraged to join.

Restorative Vinyasa

Find support, rest and ease in postures through the use of props and modifications. Slow down and release tension. Great for those looking for a gentle practice, during moondays and lady holidays, as well as mothers-to-be. A beautiful compliment to more dynamic practices.