"I strongly recommend this training! Fantastic experience, very thorough and well organized. It's just the perfect package of everything - knowledge, fun, friends, and unforgettable moments. I started teaching a week after graduation...and I love it! "


"Being part of this TT was exactly what I needed in this period of my life. It helped me to get a clearer sense of who I am in essence and to know in what direction I need to go. Lana and Mercedes are wonderful teachers, dedicated, passionate and with lots of experience and knowledge. I feel grateful they convinced me to join the TT and to begin this lifelong yoga journey."


“For me this course was a total life changer! In 9 months I learnt so much about myself, my practice and yoga. I became part of a very precious yoga family, I got great support from Lana and Mercedes, and I gathered the tools needed to go out there and really teach. This course was a magic journey, I can't recommend it more!”


“Taking this Teacher Training was one of my best decisions ever. The past year changed my body, mind and life in ways I did not expect.”


“The program is intense, diverse and in combination with the knowledge of the teachers, it gave me a strong foundation for my own practice. It brought yoga in my life in ways I would have never expected.”


“Starting the yoga TT the week I moved to Amsterdam could easily have been a bit overwhelming. But Lana and Mercedes were so warm, funny and friendly that they quickly created a real yoga family vibe. Also highly knowledgeable and experienced, guiding us expertly through the physical and mental sides of our yoga journey. Couldn't have picked a better course.”


“They [Lana & Mercedes] created an inspiring, energizing, inclusive environment which supported the instructional, (sometimes) challenging and fun journey. Per the training’s favorite mantra: no effort goes to waste. Extremely grateful to have put in my efforts!”


“You will not only take your practice to another level, you will learn so much more about yourself. The teacher and group support was just incredible. One of the best decisions I have ever made.”


“My experience was way more than just a training of what yoga is and how to teach. It's so well rounded and then some, it expanded my horizon. Given under the guidance and support of two wonderful teachers that teach from their hart. It was truly an amazing  experience and i have learned so many valuable things that i will take with me throughout my life.”


This training surpassed my expectations on the depth and range of aspects of yoga that it covers, allowing you to really get to the core of the matter. It is taught with intention and integrity from a wealth of experience, which makes it a truly invaluable learning experience.”


“Lana and Mercedes really give you the best tools to deepen your own practice and your knowledge of yoga but also to start teaching. The best part: you get to share all of it with some amazing people that will be in your yoga family forever!”