Intensive breathwork & pranayama

30-hr course for teachers & practitioners with Laurent Roure

There are many different yoga systems which embrace pranayama and breathwork and place it at the forefront of their teachings. However, within many Western yoga schools, breathing practices are often treated as an optional addition to asanas and their importance is overlooked and downplayed. However, pranayama is the fourth limb in Patanjali’s eight limbs of yoga and is thus a vital part of an authentic, rewarding and conscientious yoga practice. It is therefore vital to have access to comprehensive teaching within the sphere of the breath if one wants to unlock the full potential of their yoga practice. Practicing pranayama can have a transformative, healing and calming influence on the body and mind. It can be used to change old patterns and cultivate vitality. Learning to balance the breath helps us to balance the mind and consequently our lives.

Timescale 3 weekends over 3 months

Dates  September 28 & 29; October 26 & 27; November 30 & December 1

Time Sat – 12 to 6pm / Sunday – 12 to 6 pm.

Study hours 30 hrs + self-practice time

Cost €550 full course | €200 one weekend drop-in

Where The Breathing Space, Amsterdam, Holland

This course is spread out over three weekends. You will study theory and  breathing techniques for ten hours per weekend. It is advisable to take part of all three weekends to understand the whole program and to experience the logical continuity of the whole course. Teachers will be able to use the course towards Continuing Professional Development.

The structure of this breathwork and pranayama course is designed to be easily comprehensible and accessible to all levels: yoga teachers will learn how to give valuable tools to their students simply and safely and other interested practitioners will be able to refine and develop their self-practice.

Participants will gain a well-rounded and detailed knowledge and understanding of pranayama and breathwork in both theory and practice through a clear step-by-step approach. The course is an intensive and condenses what is usually learned over three to five years into just three weekends and is a great first step towards developing a deeper understanding of pranayama.

At each workshop a handout will be supplied that will outline the subjects to be covered. The handout also includes exercises which you are expected to complete before the next session if you wish to gain the most value from the course.

During and after the course, Laurent will be available to answer any questions you may have, give ongoing support with regards to your self-practice and provide teaching support and advice.

Weekend one | September 28 & 29

  • Pranayama and breathwork: history and philosophy. 

  • Anatomy and physiology of the breath.

  • Understanding of the concept of energy.

  • The foundation of pranayama: mechanics, rhythms, holistic developments.

  • How to develop a self-practice and keeping it going.

Weekend two | October 26 & 27

  • Introduction to ‘’the eight classical Pranayama breaths’’

  • The difference qualities, purposes and benefits of each breathing technique: how & why?

  • Learning to bring  and to use pranayama techniques in our yoga practice and daily life.  

  • Breath: the gateway to the mind.

  • The breath within meditation and relaxation.


Weekend three | November 30 & December 1

  • Definition of breathwork: how does it differ from Pranayama?

  • Supplemental breathwork disciplines.

  • Breathwork as a healing and support mechanism: anxiety, stress, depression, asthma, sleep disorder etc.

  • Analysing the breath and recognising different breathing patterns. 

  • How to teach pranayama and breathwork to others.