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We dedicate this studio to all our teachers past and present, their work and wisdom inspired us to create a space for all seekers.


Lana Beex-Osborn

Lana has worn many hats over the years: dancer, biomedical scientist, neurophysiologist, serial student, yoga teacher. Leaving a life of scientific research behind to begin her studies in osteopathy – a path she began in 2016 – has been a sea change on her path to self-actualization and one she sees as an ideal compliment to the practice and teachings of yoga. Though her path has been winding, Lana says that the one constant in her adult life has been yoga. She was specifically drawn to Ashtanga for its strong tradition, which has allowed her to experience the deeper aspects of yoga through self-study. Among the many mentors and role models involved in her journey, Patty Ivey and Peg Mulqueen have been particularly influential to her development as a teacher. Gretchen Suarez, her teacher, and David Keil have been integral to her growth and connection to the softer side of this fiercely beautiful and healing practice. 


Mercedes Parellada

Mercedes left Buenos Aires at the age of 15 to study at The Royal Ballet School in London. After graduating, her career took her to Amsterdam and the Dutch National Ballet. Fifteen years in point shoes were followed by ten years on her feet managing some of Amsterdam's most demanding restaurants and clubs. Amidst this crazy lifestyle, she discovered yoga and what began as a means to stay fit gradually became a source of stability and inner strength. Of the styles she has practiced, Ashtanga yoga has become her anchor. She founded two successful studios in Amsterdam and eventually, together with Lana, The Breathing Space was born. Her mat is a ‘laboratory of self-exploration, understanding and acceptance' and she is honoured to share her ever-evolving understanding of the practice with her students. Among the teachers and mentors who have shaped her path, she specifically thanks Asaf Hacmon for activating her hunger for knowledge and wisdom, Ali Hill and Toni Roberts for providing her with life-long teaching tools, Marilou van Hoek for introducing her to the vast world of Ashtanga, and Lana for her ongoing support and guidance through practise, friendship and partnership.