Breath & Pranayama with Laurent Roure

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Based on years of self-practice, studies and teaching in all sorts of conditions, places and with all kind of people, Laurent has cultivated a safe, welcoming and joyful approach to the art of teaching yoga mindfully. During his classes, you will hear often the words kindness, awareness, acceptance, breath, ground, ease, surrender etc.

Laurent has and continue to study deeply Hatha yoga in all its form and shapes, anatomy, pranayama, meditation for a very long time and his depth of experience enables him to individually tailor his individual or group classes to suit his students’ abilities, minds and bodies.

His breath teachings are eclectic, a mix of classic and modern. It is fundamentally based on the Swami Gitananda system with very strong work on the foundations.


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  • Mechanics and anatomy of the breath (3 part-breath / 9 part-breath/ Mahat yoga pranayama)

  • Balancing and equalising the breath

  • Rhythm of the breath/ working with the energies

  • Introduction to the 8 kumbakhas or classic breaths

  • The work involve creating path ways between breath and the brain through touch/moving/visualisation

  • Breath in meditation (Universal teachings) and Yoga Nidra.

Saturday January 19, 12:30-17:00