A message from home

Bestand 20-08-17 12 01 44.jpeg

The past weeks have been a testament to how our yoga practice is not only what we deal with and how we deal with it on the yoga mat but off the mat as well. It has been a lesson in learning to ride the tides of unpredictability from getting contractors and subcontractors to open lines of communication to quickly becoming knowledgable about things that fall outside of our usual skill-set — we learned to plaster walls, to tile, to draw up electrical plans, and most importantly how to make nice with contractors!  We have tried many times to gain control over things that often seemed out of our control and as much as we tried to be on top of everything, to coordinate and manage multiple aspects of this undertaking, we definitely found there is great strength in letting go and making the best of what we have but also in knowing when to stand up and take action.

The Breathing Space is really starting to take shape and feel like a home. It is getting easier to envision what is to come, to gauge our progress, and admire the improvements. Our awesome carpenters Scott and Levi have been working non-stop and bringing to life the plans of our architects Sarah and Simon. Without these amazing folks the bumps in the road would seem a lot bigger, especially in the middle of the peak of construction madness when we decided to skip town!

At the beginning of August we went to Copenhagen to practice with Sharath Jois. Breathing and moving together with hundreds of people was powerful. Experiencing first hand the strong lineage of this practice and to feeling the integrity of this method through it's raw simplicity – breath, drishti, bandha – is incredibly moving.  It was beautiful to be united with so many no matter where you were from, your physical ability, where you were at in your practice, we were all there to be students and explorers of this incredible language of Ashtanga yoga. It was also very special to spend time away together and to focus on being students, to face fears and confront old mental patterns that can still hold us back and just breathe. And even though we were at first quite anxious about leaving in the middle of construction the delicious post practice coffees and Danish pastries definitely helped to settle our nerves!

Okay and on to the good stuff. The opening date is approaching rapidly, if all goes to plan – twirling thumbs, knocking on wood, crossing fingers, say "rabbit" upon waking – our first classes will be held September 6th. Shit, I can't believe we just put that in writing! And mark your calendars we will have a little opening party and meet-n-greet on September 16th from 3-6 pm. Come check out the space and bless it with your breath.