These four walls

We thought it would be a simple task. No big deal, a couple coats of paint and within a week the walls of our future studio would be gleaming white. So off we went to hire scaffolding, bought good paint, and even consulted and wrangled the help of our very own painting guru, Dion. But really, how often do things go as planned, right? The best-laid plans of mice and men…yes indeed they often go awry!

After many, many, many hours of scraping and prepping we were ready for the first licks of paint to kiss the walls. But the walls put up a good fight. After the first coat the walls protested by cracking and peeling for what seemed to be an endless fight of scrape-sand-primer-repaint. When a new crack would appear we would want so badly to look away, sometimes we would avoid talking about what we saw, each independently hoping that our silence would make the cracks magically go away. But we knew that if we didn’t tackle it then and there it would come back to bite us in the ass later.

If you want to build something that is going to last, something solid and strong, you have to be willing to do the hard work and sometimes start all over again, from the foundation. Though our walls may not be perfect, ultimately it is the little imperfections; the wear and tear; unevenness and roughness that give them character and make them real.

On a lighter note, the shadow garden we have planted out back is thriving and even a pair of frogs has made their home in the small standing pond. Fresh mint, verveine, and citroenmelisse are enthusiastically filling the planters, eager to refresh thirsty yogis and cozy up the place before and after practice.

So, for the past three weeks we have invested a lot of love, energy, and time into the walls of The Breathing Space and it is starting to feel like something. Despite the hard work – and dizzying bouts of frustration – we are so happy to get our hands dirty and be a part of this beautiful and imperfect transformation. It is starting to feel like home, like a part of us.

So if you see a crack in the wall…