Building community

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It has been too long but as you know we have been kind of busy...and yes, fucking tired! September 16th we held our opening party and welcomed so many of you into our new home. The turn out was beyond what we had imagined and to see everyone's expression made all the work, literally until the hour before, worth while and we were shocked only one of you seemed to notice our lack of sleep. Henk running out for a beer re-up was a sign that all were having a good time and enjoying being barefoot on our warm cork floor. Right then and there our intentions of building community began to manifest.

On Sunday after the party we practiced for the first time together in our space. It was special beyond words and we were both exhausted like never before, but it had to be done. We honored our new home with a Primary Series practice and experienced first hand the warm embrace of our heated floors (every savasana is like 'mmmmmmmmm'). Monday, September 18, 2017 our mysore students got to experience the magic of practicing in The Breathing Space for the first time. We love our new home and we are still learning how to move and teach in the space, it is like any relationship really it has to be built from the ground up.


Fortunately we had help. Gretchen Suarez arrived quickly after our launch in the beginning of October. Her visit was a great honor in coming full circle in a line of teaching from Mysore, to Miami, to Amsterdam and also an inspiration for us all. It was incredible to practice as students in our own space with our own students, to have a teacher to push us where we needed pushing and a tender hand to guide us back to the heart of this practice of yoga. Gretchen's visit also reinforced the vision we have for our studio and community.

We are an Ashtanga studio that offers complimentary practices. In todays world where we are bombarded with millions of choices, overstimulated even within the yoga community it is our intention to offer what we feel is the core of how we practice and how we experience yoga as integral to our lives. We want our students to fall in the love with the simplicity of a practice that shows us who we are – in Gretchen's words a tool to self-actualization. Of course this takes time and dedication just as the Yoga Sutras tell us: practice for a long period of time; regularly and with consistency; and with love and respect.

sat tu dirgha kala nairantaira satkara asevitah dridha bhumih

Yup waking up early sucks sometimes, biking through the rain can really suck, finding excuses can be so easy, and that is exactly why we need to build a community. A group of people that supports, understands, and encourages one another. That is also why we wanted to create The Breathing Space, to encourage the growth of this kind of support network and why we are introducing you to our Referral Program. Every student at The Breathing Space may bring a friend along to class for a free led class, all you need to do is send us their name, email address, and the class you would like to attend together. Once your friend becomes a member we will be rewarded with a stronger community and you will receive a €5 discount on your next purchase.

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Speaking of community, we would like to officially introduce you to our in-house Iyengar teacher, Elias General, or as we like to call him El General! Elias is a musician born in Chile and after struggling for years with lower back pain discovered how to make the practice of Iyengar yoga a tool for healing himself. Make sure to try his classes. For a great way to unwind before the work week attend his Restorative class on Sunday afternoon and for a change of perspective on Monday and Thursday evening check out Asana Lab! 

We will see you soon at The Breathing Space!

Love, Lana & Mercedes